Zero Pollution

It is the ambitious goal promoted at the EU Green Week institutional session and at numerous partner initiatives and events, including the conference on the future of aviation by Avio Aero experts.

Jun 2021

“If we have to save our planet, we need these kinds of small, individual actions. We need them alongside the structural changes that we are making through the European Green Deal. To all of you watching, listening and taking part in the European Union’s Green Week events, you have a crucial role to play.”

It is with these words that Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, opened the EU Green Week, the most important annual conference on environmental policy. This year, it is dedicated to achieving “zero pollution” of air, water, and land. This is a particularly complex goal that has become an absolute priority when it comes to imagining a world that is able to look to the near future with optimism and hope.

Avio Aero - confirming its intrinsic commitment to sustainability - joined the European celebrations by offering its own online event, entitled “The Avio Aero net+work for future sustainable air transport”, within the rich program of international initiatives. This presented an opportunity to continue the discussion on the contribution that the company, as a responsible business, has brought and will continue to bring to the industry as a whole.

“As the European Commission has well pointed out, this is not just a goal, but a real ambition, that of reaching zero polluting factors for air, water, and soil in a short period of time”, states Enrico Casale, EU Programs & Research Network Leader. “It is a complete, 360-degree rethinking of every area, including production, from a sustainable point of view. Our company is rooted in technological innovations, new products, and alliances with universities and research institutes that see us at the forefront of the Clean Aviation initiative.”

“We’re one of the core partners with a large portfolio within the Clean Sky program”, continues Casale, who led the workshop together with his European R&D team. “We’re a leader in the MAESTRO project, which leverages additive technologies to design components and engine modules with complex geometries and studies hybrid/electric propulsion configurations for regional or private applications. We’re also responsible for the production system in the IRON project, which aims to drastically lower fuel consumption and therefore environmental impact, through innovative architectural solutions for the regional aircraft of the future, while also reducing noise levels and CO2 and NOX emissions.”

“This webinar allowed us to share in depth where we are, in our industry, in terms of new sources of energy for aeronautical propulsion, as well as the various challenges in the different types of air transport, and also to present a proposal  that will carry us towards a future of global aeronautics,” added Jennifer Pogliano, consultant and Program Manager for Emerging Technologies.

The three-part online event also featured Stefania Migaldi, Research Network & Emerging Technologies Manager. “It was an opportunity to talk about the European Technology Development Cluster (E-TDC) experience, a collective initiative coordinated by Avio Aero alongside other GE Aviation teams in Europe, anduniversities and research institutes in Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Turkey. A constantly expanding network that aims to contribute to the green revolution in aviation by bringing together the best talent and institutions with a common goal: to develop new technologies with clear and shared objectives. There’s no doubt about it: only by working together will we be able to make the European Green Deal a reality.”