Best wishes, Avio Aero Volunteers!

L’avvento del Natale è stato il tema centrale dei festeggiamenti per la Giornata Mondiale del Volontariato organizzata dai nostri Avio Aero Volunteers nelle varie sedi.

Dec 2016

International Volunteer Day is celebrated worldwide on 5 December. The purpose of the day is to celebrate the people who give up their time, energies and skills to create a better world.

The Advent period was the central theme of the International Volunteer Day celebrations organised by our Avio Aero Volunteers in various sites.

Indeed, on 5 and 6 December, we celebrated this event together with a number of special guests who brought a glimmer of Christmas magic into our production facilities.

We were lucky enough to welcome various national and local no-profit organisations that set up real Christmas markets, selling fair trade products. The event provided visitors with the opportunity to buy original, fair trade pieces of craftsmanship as Christmas gifts, so contributing to the accomplishment of great projects, such as the creation of a transport service at the clinics of 4 hospitals, dedicated to the disabled of AISM (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) and the projects “Towards school” and “I learn by playing” of Air Down, designed to offer children with Down Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities real possibilities to acquire skills that will help to make them autonomous.

The Pomigliano site hosted the striking Christmas market initiative on Sunday 18 December.

From 9.30 am to 12.30 am the doors opened to welcome in employees and their families, who were able to snap up original products and support several local associations such as ‘Crescere Insieme Onlus‘, which provides social and psychological support to young drug addicts and children at risk in the Rione Sanità district of Naples and ‘Teniamoci per mano Onlus’, which carries out projects of Clown therapy in the paediatric and cancer wards in Naples (Santobono Hospital) and 18 Italian regions.

Obviously, also the Brindisi plant took actively part during the days of 5 and 6 December hosting the local Christmas little market inside the canteen area. The same initiative here too was dedicated to charity for no-profit associations in the social fields and for the promotion of research and support projects for families, people affected by diseases and disability disturbs.

Such associations were AISM (Italian association for multiple sclerosis), AIL (Italian association for leukemia), AIPD (Italian association for people with Down syndrome) and Il Bene Che Ti Voglio (Volunteering association that cares for family with children affected by behavioral and autism disturbs). 

Again, our deepest thanks go to all the Avio Aero Volunteers and our colleagues for their support in boosting the wellbeing of the needy within our community!