Institutional visitors fascinated by ground-breaking technology

From the Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino to Chair of the Italian Senate Defense Commission, Senator Nicola Latorre, by way of the American Embassy… all impressed by Avio Aero.

Apr 2017

During the last few weeks, we have been honored by visits from several high-ranking authorities, all interested in learning more about our organization.

On 31 March, Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino came to Rivalta di Torino for a factory tour, accompanied by our President and CEO, Riccardo Procacci, together with the site's Manager, Giulio Favilla. 

Also present at the pre-tour meeting were Barbara Preti, who gave the Mayor an overview of the characteristics and specialist skills of the Rivalta workforce, our Volunteering program and the community projects we run, and Giorgio Abrata, who focused on the work of our engineering team and the latest innovations that put us firmly amongst the leaders in Research and Development, including the new additive manufacturing laboratory created in partnership with Turin Politecnico, and our Technology Development Community model. Margherita Bertinotti concluded the meeting by giving the Mayor a snapshot of the business generated by the Avio Aero supply chain in Italy (of 1700 suppliers, 60% are in Italy), and especially in the Piedmont Region (394 suppliers) and the Province of Turin.

The Mayor expressed great interest in our operations and congratulated the whole company on the work we do, wishing us a successful future full of challenges overcome. 

Brindisi opened its doors on 3 April to welcome Sen. Nicola Latorre, Chair of the Italian Senate Defense Commission, who underlined the strategic importance and national interest of our Apulia Region plant, in view of its support for the operational readiness of the Italian Armed Forces. Accompanied on his visit by Riccardo Procacci, Senator Latorre learned about some of the plant's latest innovations, such as the flexible, automated line that handles the production of components for the LEAP engine, destined for latest-generation aircraft including the Boeing 737 Max and the Airbus 320 Neo series. Senator Latorre was shown the new digital projects currently being trialled, such as remote monitoring and machine performance analysis which, once integrated in a digital ecosystem, will provide the basis for increased production.

"I am paying a return visit to the Avio Aero Brindisi plant," Senator Latorre stated, "to see for myself, with great satisfaction, its remarkable growth in terms of production capacity, in view of its impressive technological innovation, the size of its workforce and, above all, the growth in its employees' skill levels. All this confirms, first and foremost, the company's strategic role in the Brindisi area, also through the growth in the industrial fabric nourished by its supply chain. Secondly, it showcases the value of our human resources."

The official delegation visiting the Brindisi plant also included the City's Mayor, Angela Carluccio, who was delighted to take the opportunity of joining Senator Latorre, underlining the authorities' level of interest in our organization.

"Our future," Mr Procacci stated at the end of the visit, "depends on our capability for continual innovation, and Avio Aero intends to take up the challenges that lie ahead, especially that of the fourth industrial revolution, with the aid of the constructive dialog with central and local Government that has proved so successful for both the company and the Apulia Region.”

The next day, Wednesday 4 April, Brindisi also welcomed a delegation from the United States Embassy's Commercial Office, led by Down Bruno, Deputy Senior Commercial Officer. It was also an opportunity for the Consul in Naples, Mary Ellen Countryman, who decided to take part in the visit to this important southern Italian company, recalling that US companies continue to invest in Apulia, especially when "innovation and excellence come together”. Just as they do at Avio Aero.