Changing the way

There’s a special team working on our digital transformation and evolution, generating ideas and collecting data that will change the way we work.

Mar 2017

The Avio Aero Digital League was born in September 2016, its purpose is to act as a catalyst in Avio Aero’s transformation to a digital industrial company.

It’s a  cross-functional team with diverse backgrounds: Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Supply Chain.  Despite different levels of experience within the company, they are all doing the same things, taking care of the same tasks and working collaboratively as a balanced team with an horizontal organizational structure: sharing their  goals as well as their issues every day, and look to the team for support in  solving them.

This is why they all sit in the same room, in Rivalta’s headquarters (located on the first floor of Spina building). They designed and furnished this room looking for an inspiring work place: writable walls, couches in the meeting space, a small relax area, a basket. Disruptive is how they like to describe it.

Their  vision is for a completely paperless company, without Excel or PowerPoint. They dream about the day in which people will look at their smartphone and will get all the information they need in real time to make better, data-driven, decisions. It’s a very challenging goal, but they are convinced it’s absolutely possible.

In order to reach this target, they need to transform the way Avio Aero works, making it faster and more competitive, simplifying and enhancing data democratization. Therefore, what is needed is to minimize time spent on not added-value activities, such as searching for missing data and repetitive reporting.
For these reasons, they are creating the Data Lake, a big data repository in which Avio Aero systems data will be stored: it will be our main pillar for predicting issues, rather than reacting to them.

Digital is not simply a trend, it is an imperative: it will allow us to gain a competitive advantage in the market. It will simplify and improve our jobs, reduce non-added value activities, and free up time for the real value-added ones.
It is the beginning of a potentially limitless journey: not to search for parts, paper or information, predicting machine downtime or defects before they occur, improving the design thanks to real-time feedback from the shop floor and on-wing data.

Everyone is already involved in the Digital transformation and can contribute proactively with ideas and projects: just think about how your daily job could change thanks to Digital.
Speak about them with your peers and managers and don’t hesitate to ask the League for support or suggestions. Doesn’t matter in which site you are, the Digital League is transversal to all sites.

Want to reach them?

Go visit the office,  call them (0110082849) or write to @AVIATION Avio Aero Digital League Core Team.