Superheroes at the Bielsko-Biała Stadium

The Family Day for the Avio Aero Poland people was a great funny event....thanks to a very special programme.

Oct 2017

Last Sunday 27 August the annual Avio Aero Family Picnic took place at the Rekord Stadium in Bielsko-Biała. The event hosted about a thousand employees with their families. For this edition of the Family day  a special theme was chosen and dedicated to all the kids: "Superheroes". Since each of us is different and unique, we all have different talents, skills and abilities that make us special.

Taking advantage from an amazing sunny day, all the funny scheduled activities have been flawlessly carried out and they included: mini rope park, picnic planetarium, Oculus zone, 7D cinema, laser shooting range and many others. On the scene, also a stunning acrobatic performance of the AlterTrio as well as of Catwoman, who became famous thanks to the performances on the fampous program "Got talent".

Our colleagues experienced a Zumba workshop too, dancing with Robert Magiera, professional dancer and dance instructor, participant of “You can dance” national tv show. While the makeup studio was a great attraction for all the ladies.

This year it was also possible to hand make capes and superhero masks, and that’s what the youngest attendees loved the most! Children colored together a huge coloring book using giant markers, and their awesome artistic creation is now hanged up in Bielsko factory.

Also a “Mega table football” tournament happened, organized for the very first time, in which 7 teams challenged against each other: winners were awarder with commemorative trophies and prizes. “Everyone will find something for oneself especially children” commented with enthusiasm Mikołaj Tyc, E&S. “This year the adult football tournament evoked probably the most of emotions. Among the children (including my daughter) the biggest attraction was 7D cinema. It was simply awesome”.

Many prizes have been given also to the winners of “Family games competitions” during the Picnic. All the attendees could finally  also collect their own super power packs after enjoying the booths includign delicious food and soft drinks.

The package of inflatables toys for kids, the eurobungee as well as the small-gauge train for and many new games like distorting mirrors or cuddly wall have been greatly enjoyed and grabbed the interest for all the guests. Dajana Pluta, Engineering MAE, was amazed by the astronomic observatory she said: “it reminded me about my interests, all attractions along with well-prepared decorations complemented each other creating a good unity at the Family Day”.

The Family Day was definitively a nice opportunity for more than 200 people to visit the Avio Aero Bielsko-Biała plant, having a special tour with special tour guides: Małgorzata Fajkis, Tomasz Kasperek, Jan Włodarski and Jacek Baron as well as many other employees, who helped the preparation of these tours such as Barbara Markiel-Wiśniewska, Witold Grela and Maciej Maciejewski.

“A real high level picnic organization” says Marek Matuszek, from the Logistic team. “Everyone could find his or her own entrateinment: from the 2 years old children and nursery land to famous “Mega table football” tournament for adults. A lot of fun surrounded with the sun and clear sky with the superheroes.”