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Suggestions, advices and tips directly from Avio Aero Talent Acquisition professionals for approaching specific positions and leadership programs.

Oct 2019

Our job allows us to meet and relate with many people - from young graduates or undergraduates to professionals with a bit of extra experience. All of these people have a common goal that we share: to find out if there is a spark between us. That is, to understand if we are the company that offers them the right job; from our side, we want to understand if it is going to be "love at first sight".

We search and select personnel. We are Raffaella Valentini, Avio Aero Talent Acquisition Specialist, dedicated to the search and selection of junior positions, most looking for their first work experience and suitable for the available Leadership Programs in our company; and Camilla Bacelle, University Relations Specialist, responsible for relations with universities aimed at attracting talent and Employer Branding.

Through the magazine about, we want to make our work known while providing information and recommendations to those who are interested in applying or who want to apply for an open position with Avio Aero. Whereas, anyone who is already a GE employee can use an online tool (called COS, Career Opportunity System) to find a job in the GE business they are currently working in, or any other GE business. 

Focusing on the external candidate search and application for positions, let us start with identifying opportunities: the most popular route is to consult the Avio Aero website (or even ge.com/careers), followed by Social Networks (above all LinkedIn), where we and our colleagues on the Talent Acquisition team usually publish open positions. There are also opportunities like Career Days (especially for young people, organized with and at universities) or the classic word of mouth in academic, social or even family environments.

In the digital environment, connections are a good practice: LinkedIn, for example, where individual professionals frequently publish or announce open positions. But also registering with communities or specialized portals (like Indeed, Glassdoor, your own University portal or many others that can be explored on the web), where you can find information and data on specific positions and on the companies looking for staff, as well as exchanging experiences and evaluations with other candidates. For Avio Aero and GE, on the websites that host the open positions, there is also a chat that guides the candidate in their search, as well as an automatic update that can be activated using specific keywords.

Thefirst step to take when you read about a job position that seems interesting is the collection of data and information. If you intend to apply you should do this with extreme care. The more information, role description, responsibilities and requirements that are provided which always appear inside a job post, the more likely you are to unravel the first crucial knot in this process... Does the job, the profession, the industry and the environment match my characteristics, attitudes and aspirations? How can I contribute?

So, don't to stop with the title, but go as far as possible into the detail to learn about the technical characteristics, training or experience required, as well as the personal and interpersonal skills (so-called soft skills) that are listed among the desired requirements and that can be important to help understanding if that position is right for you.

Once you have correctly identified the opportunity, it is time to apply we suggest, based on what is recommended for information collection, that you undoubtedly avoid serial applications, that is applying for multiple open positions with very different slots and requirements. It is advisable to apply, even for several positions, only when the qualifications and requirements that those looking have described reflect your own profile.

"Ask yourself: Does the job, the profession, the industry and the environment match my characteristics, attitudes and aspirations? How can I contribute?"

The Curriculum Vitae or resume is the primary document that presents you officially. That is why we recommend that it be complete with all the information and data that describe your training, professional profile and even personal information: education or specialization, work experience or training (even if abroad, any activity that can provide information on your abilities), skills (including technical skills and any type of professionally recognized certification) and languages known (fundamental for international companies). Possibly, a short letter (2 or 3 paragraphs) describing your motivation for the position you are applying for is appreciated.

Personal information about passions or sports also provides interesting information for your profile: in terms of the CV, the main recommendation is to concentrate on condensation, trying to summarize everything that represents you to those who are looking for a profile for their company. An often effective practice is to have another person read your CV, someone who knows you well or not: as Einstein said, if your grandmother is not able to understand what you are explaining to her, evidently you are not doing it in the right way. Finally, be sure to enter all the right contact information if you want someone to get in touch with you!

Among the job opportunities Avio Aero offers, the ones we deal with directly are the so-called Entry Level or Leadership Program positions. To access these positions, a period of internship in the company may be required within company functions and departments such as: Global Supply Chain (Production, Logistics, Purchasing, etc.), Engineering, Digital Technology, Program Management, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, or Communications. 

The Leadership Programs, typical of GE, are entry routes for talented prospects that last 2 years and include rotations in different areas and locations of the company, as well as a parallel training curriculum: in the videos on this page, some leaders and young new recruits at Avio Aero describe them and what benefits they bring. To access these programs, geographical flexibility and willingness to change location are required. Transfers occur every 6/8 months. A fluent command of the English language is required, along with managerial and organizational skills, since work is based on frequent exchanges and cooperation with colleagues, suppliers and external customers all over the world.

Once your application has been submitted, you should know that each position has a specific selection process consisting of phases in which several professionals evaluate your application at different levels, which is why timing can vary. Most cases that proceed along this selection path undergo a first contact "interview", or telephone interview, or even a video recording of responses to established questions. Do not worry or be embarrassed about recording a video: on the contrary, for those who are busy at a job or very busy with their daily activities, it becomes an excellent tool and time-saving option.

To face the initial interviews, for example by phone or even in video conference, we recommend, in addition to a quiet and welcoming place from which to connect, that you collect as much information as possible about the company and that you avoid (especially if you come from technical or engineering environments) excessively "technical" details or discussions during preliminary conversations with representatives from different professions, like us on Human Resources team. 

At the end of each step or phase, i.e. of initial interviews, we always share structured feedback, as well as ideas that may be interesting and useful for the candidates’ professional future, without any connection to the position or the outcome of the selection.

At this point, we can not disclose all the secrets of the trade, but we hope we have given you the information best package and tips for playing your cards and giving your best! In the meantime, we will use the same effort to win you over with our job postings.