Discover an important research project introducing a small but great combustor, with a European heart.

Aug 2017

In life all of us had some “teachers” or “masters”: starting with elementary school ones coming to the Masters of Life. But there is also a MAESTRO (term which means master in Italian) project, linked to R&D in the aeronautic field. It is a European project that is part of the famous Clean Sky 2 program, whose purpose is to maintain and strengthen Europe's competitiveness in the turboprop engine sector for applications such as "Small Air Transport".

The aim is to provide innovative solutions, developing design tools and technologies for the production of new engine architectures. An ambitious project in a growing sector that has seen Europe for a long time not among the main players. But things are changing.  Avio Aero is part of the project that aims to revolutionize the combustor of future turboprop aeroengine and - at the last Le Bourget 2017 air show, right in the Clean Sky booth - a prototype of the combustor was exhibited, although it didn’t enclose yet all the innovations defined for the final application, but already a good first step in that direction. The combustor is a vital component of the engine, the one in which - within the air that supply the thrust - the fuel is mixed and combustion occurs. A component that needs to be relatively small - and lighter - in a turboprop.

Maestro is a program of extensive partnerships between partners and includes many GE Aviation's global locations: GE Aviation Czech, General Electric Deutschland Holding, GE Aviation System LTD, General Electric Company Polska and clearly Avio Aero engineers. And the technological results - which are flattering - can also be foreseen in the words of Ron Van Manen - Clean Sky 2 Program Manager - which we interviewed exclusively at the last Paris Air Show.