Flying Talents

Take-off for Avio Aero and ManpowerGroup project that flies into the future.

Mar 2017

Avio Aero and ManpowerGroup have launched the #TalentiInVolo ["Talents Take Flight"] project, intended to forge close links between high schools and the company to increase understanding of the industry's skill requirements and construct a shared learning process for the students involved.

Run as a pilot in 2016, this year the project involves more than 700 students from high schools in the Piedmont region, where Avio Aero is headquartered, and will be extended in the coming months to Apuglia and Campania, where its other production sites are located, with a focus on their specific needs. 

This partnership will enable students to put the knowledge gained at school into practice through direct contact with the world of work, giving them first-hand appreciation of the mechanisms involved so they can equip themselves appropriately.

They will also be granted access to the PowerU Digital www.powerudigital.it e-learning program created by the ManpowerGroup's Human Age Institute Foundation, a completely free scheme through which young people can certify their digital competences. The platform includes e-learning materials in English, subdivided into 8 modules covering the key competences defined by the European Commission. Acquisition of these competences is certified by an open badge that young people can share on-line, on their social media profiles and on digital CVs.

Schools benefit from assistance in tailoring their educational offering to the company's needs, working on the technical and soft skills of the young people involved to dovetail supply and demand.

Last but not least, the company will enjoy access to a talent pool where it can easily identify promising young people, who are already familiar with its operations.

The #TalentiInVolo project is just one of the projects run in Italy by General Electric, the multinational to which Avio Aero belongs. GE is one of the "National Champions" in work experience for school students, chosen by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Within the next three years, the group has committed to training more than 600 students in the Energy, Oil & Gas, Aeronautics, Health and Digital sectors at the main GE sites in Italy, to help close the gap between the academic education provided by schools and the fast-changing industrial world.

Work experience for school students has powered cultural and other changes, giving hundreds of thousands of young people direct contact with real workplaces," stated Stefano Scabbio, ManpowerGroup President for the Mediterranean Area and East Europe. "Our role is increasingly that of a "bridge" between two worlds, schools and industry, and often proves crucial. We are witnessing a genuine Skills Revolution, where the challenge will be to develop the right skills for a constantly changing labor market. Skill life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, and 65% of the jobs generation Z will do have not yet been invented. Hence our partnership with Avio, a company with a longstanding engagement with these concerns."

“Today, industry is changing at break-neck speed,", commented our President and & CEO Riccardo Procacci. "Digitalization and the industrial Internet are rewriting the paradigms on which industry is based, by enabling us to connect machines and people and generate productivity within industry. Schools have to prepare students for a world of challenges as yet unknown, by developing general, technical and soft skills, as well as technologies which are probably still to be invented. This is definitely a major opportunity for our country, but we have to be able to seize it. The Avio Aero and Manpower work experience project aims to achieve just this: to bridge gaps, aid career guidance, help talent-spotting and consolidate the digital competences required by today's workplaces. This is our strategy for training the professionals of the future."