From earth to the skies

The Avio Aero Green Network officially launched for employee initiatives in the field of environmental sustainability, extrapolating them towards new pollution reduction objectives.

Apr 2021

Among the many things this last strange year has taken from us, one thing still remains which symbolizes a sign of hope for those who have long been fighting for greater sense of responsibility towards the environment.

According to the data from a recent study by Mastercard, more than half of our fellow Italians (64% compared to 48% of Europeans) consider it extremely important to reduce the impact of their consumption on the environment compared to how they felt at the start of the pandemic. 

In fact, 56% of Italians say they are now more aware of the impact their activities have on the environment. In this context, Generation Z stands out: those born between the mid-1990s and 2010 are at the forefront in promoting change, with 7 out of 10 young Italians saying they are increasingly aware of the importance of making sustainable choices (73% vs 58% of Europeans). A marked increase compared to the past.

The tree planted at the Sangone Experimental Centre.

World Earth Day, which we celebrate today, is also an opportunity to pause and reflect on the role that Avio Aero wishes to play in the big match. "For some time now, sustainability has become part of the identity attributes of our brand personality," said Paola Mascaro, Executive Vice President Communication and Public Affairs, sponsor of the newly created Green Network. The latter is theEmployee Resource Group (ERG) of GE that was officially announced in Italy.

"At an institutional level, the innovative nature of the components we make has long required a rethink from a green perspective, but what shifted the internal axis was the will of the people who demanded a clear corporate commitment to these issues," added Paola Mascaro.

The trees planted at the Rivalta di Torino Headquarters.

The Green Network is a structured employee initiative aimed at working within a broader objective of the parent company General Electric Aviation and aims towards a global coordination of sustainable actions and greater awareness about the issue. Green Teams have been created at sites around the world to promote sustainable actions.

The Green Team intends to valorize the strong internal sensitivity on sustainability issues and the will of Avio Aero people for a company even more committed to this front and to actions that are more and more concrete, and, at the same time, to encourage internal involvement: in fact, there are more and more requests to be able to start up sustainable actions to benefit the company community.

The tree planted at the Pomigliano d'Arco site.

"This initiative is the frame of reference for the many activities of Avio Aero that have spontaneously sprung up over time," said Gianluca Mosiello, coordinator of the Italian Green Network. "We are proud to represent all our colleagues who have shown a strong sense of awareness towards the environment and sustainability," echoed Caterina Montuori, co-leader of the ERG.

To support today’s launch of the new affinity network, when the whole world is reflecting on the need for a change of pace with regard to safeguarding the environment, all Avio Aero facilities have made a symbolic contribution to the cause by planting a tree at their sites. A small gesture, around which the local communities of the employees who have strongly supported the initiative, have gathered.

The tree planted at the Borgaretto foundry.

Roberto Bertaina, Damiano Mazzotta, Gioacchino Ficano, Angelo Sallustio and Michele Fantetti Plant Leaders of the facilities of Brindisi, Borgaretto, Pomigliano, Rivalta and Sangone respectively, are unanimous in stating that initiatives of this kind are the manifestation of a heartfelt sense of responsibility, and that attention to sustainability emerged well before it was ever formalized.

With the launch of the Green Network, Avio Aero has provided itself with a governance plan: the first step, and certainly not the last one, taken on the path to becoming more #green.

The tree planted at the Brindisi plant.