Avio Aero for the Sky

The commitment for environment and the ecosystem by Avio Aero leaders and people has a name, and thank to some initiatives and projects it aims at flying high across always cleaner skies.

Jan 2020

The goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions coming from the Paris Agreement have become an integral part of our company's business practices and in terms of sustainability, we have started a careful reflection on the role we want to play to be advocates for change.  

Unfortunately, electric propulsion is not the only short-term solution to the air transport challenge. In fact, turbojets will still be the heart of the propulsion systems that will fly aircraft in 10 years' time, although the architecture will be innovative and minimize CO2 emissions. 

Therefore, adopting a systemic approach to the product development, the process efficiency and the people culture is the way to build a truly sustainable future, step-by-step. Driven by deep corporate sensitivity for Avio Aero employees to be involved strongly, the "Avio Aero for the Sky" initiative was established with the aim to support concrete projects in favor of the environment, both inside and outside the organization.

In fact, the people who work in the company are the first torch bearers for "green culture" values, guiding management's choices through active dialogue, shared decisions and reports. It is thanks to these that, for example, a small but significant investment has already been made to reduce the use of plastic in all the group's plants, starting in the company cafeterias.

Additionally, with this past Christmas, a collaboration was begun with Treedom that calls for planting 300 trees to help offset our CO2 emissions. This will allow us to return to Nature a heritage of trees that aids in maintaining biodiversity and allows us to breathe cleaner air. 

In fact, boosting the planet's "green lungs" is one way to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and to preserve our ecosystem. In addition to entrusting the planting directly to local farmers and thus promoting microeconomics, Treedom is the only digital platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree from a distance and to follow it online. Each forest, or tree, has its own online page, is geolocated and photographed and, thanks to these features, gets people involved by creating a community of individuals with a common goal: to make the planet green!

But that is not all: part of Avio Aero's sustainability strategy lies in the ability to mobilize forces outside the organization that can bring combined value to the company. To do this, the "CEO's call to action" launched by CSR Europe also includes our collaboration because working with other companies, institutions and civil society is the way to accelerate achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

"Alone, an single individual cannot not solve the entire problem," as stated by our CEO, Riccardo Procacci, in his statement of commitment to the environment. "Every contribution an individual can make in their daily life contributes to the achievement of the UN's SDGs. Institutions have a duty to make laws to fight uncontrolled pollution. Manufacturing companies must have the will to convert production to be environmentally friendly. As citizens, we can choose to adopt virtuous behavior and to value businesses that protect nature."

Central page image is courtesy of Treedom.