All back to school!

Avio Aero and the school supplies collection project for the children of families living in poverty.

Sep 2016

Looking ahead to the start of the new school year, Avio Aero Volunteers from the Rivalta, Borgaretto, Sangone, and Pomigliano sites organized a collection of school supplies to be donated to the charity Caritas and enable children from disadvantaged, low-income families to go back to schools with a complete and proper school kit, and get off to a great start for the new school year.
They collected exercise books, pencils and markers, pens, erasers, pencil cases, backpacks, rulers, compasses, calculators and lots more besides!
The school materials collected by the Avio Aero Volunteers in the Campania Region were donated to the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio in Pomigliano, as part of the “Progetto Doposcuola” (extracurricular project) in the 219 neighborhood. The materials collected in Rivalta, Borgaretto, and Sangone were donated to the Due Tuniche listening center run by the diocesan Caritas in Turin, which will distribute them to the numerous families who turn to the center for support.
This joint initiative represents a bridge of solidarity for the promotion of training and the right to education, with the aim of being as far-reaching and as fair as possible, and encourages our staff to become actively engaged in the life and needs of the local community.
Thanks to all our staff and the Volunteers who contributed to making so many young people happy!