A great, generous beating heart

Year 2017 got off to a fine start for the Avio Aero Volunteers, who supported a large number of Italian charities during the first six months of the year!

Jun 2017

The first heart-beat of the year involved our colleagues at Borgaretto, who helped to sell health-promoting oranges for the AIRC cancer research fund, to support the development of new treatments.

In February, the Pomigliano Volunteers consigned 30 food parcels to the Caritas charity group at 'Santa Maria del Suffragio' Church, for use at the Food Bank in the 219 district of the town.

At Easter, the Rivalta Volunteers joined forces with those of Casa OZ to sell eggs in aid of the projects to provide accommodation for the families of children being treated at the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin – while the Sangone group teamed up with the AIL (Italian leukemia-lymphoma and myeloma association). 

To mark Mother's Day we hosted the sale of azaleas to fund research together with the AIRC volunteers - the heart was beating loud and clear, proving Avio Aero's responsiveness to the need to fund cancer research, for the second year running.

At the end of May the Pomigliano Volunteers, in association with those of the  ‘Teniamoci per mano’ charity, supported fund-raising for the renovation of the pediatric clinic at Gianturco (Naples) by selling chocolate lollipops in the company canteen, while Rivalta welcomed our friends from the Associazione Arca di Piera charity, who collected food and other useful materials for the dogs and cats cared for at their very special charity “Ark”, who thanked us with a lovely post.

Last but not least, in recent months staff at the Brindisi plant have continued to donate foodstuffs for the Brindisi and Ostuni Caritas charities, which organize regular collections for people in need. In just two days, employees contributed 6 kg of canned tuna, 15 kg of mixed dried pulses, 4 kg of pitted olives, 32 kg of brick-pack tomato sauce and other foods of various kinds.

Brindisi is also rapidly amassing bottle-tops, a form of collection also adopted by the other Avio Aero locations, but here specifically intended for the purchase of basketball wheelchairs for disabled young athletes.

What's more, in July several Brindisi colleagues will also be helping out at the Caritas feeding center.