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Avio Aero's new products and technologies, 100 years of GE Aviation and many other surprises just few days before the 53rd Paris International Air Show grand opening.

Jun 2019

Just a few days are left before the 53rd International Aeronautics and Space Exhibition opens in Le Bourget (Paris), where the companies "in the skies" will gather from 17th to 23rd June, 2019. The Air Show is a cult event for the industry: new products are unveiled, new agreements are announced, best hi-tech practices are shared, and in the meantime, the most attractive and newest aircraft worldwide are displayed, on ground and in flight.

The numbers speak for themselves: the last edition under the Eiffel Tower in 2017 counted over 322 thousand visitors, 2381 exhibitors from 48 countries, 140 airplanes and helicopters spanning over a whole 324,000 sqm exhibition space. Incredible figures that should be surpassed this year.

Avio Aero and their new products at the Paris Air Show.

Eyes on sustainability and a focus beyond the borders of Europe. This is how Avio Aero, "under the wing" of GE Aviation, will present at the Air Show, telling the stories of the latest accomplishments and, above all, of the new developments to come. Special focus will fall on the new production area entirely dedicated to additive manufacturing at the Brindisi plant, the fourth site where technology 4.0  is the start following Cameri, the Apulia Repair Development Centre for Additive laboratories in Bari, and the Turin Additive Lab. This inauguration confirms the pioneering position of GE Aviation's additive manufacturing business in Europe. 

The spotlight will also shine on Avio Aero's activity in the Catalyst engine, where the company plays a leading role in the design and production of the engine system. The engine has achieved important results: after passing the power tests and completing over 1000 hours of testing, it has passed the high-altitude tests where it reached the considerable height of 48 thousand feet. 

Finally, there will be mention of the company's continued growth: in helicopters, new partnerships have been initiated for the development and production of dynamic systems; while a civil MRO shop is being integrated into the Brindisi site, with the capacity to carry out up to 80 overhauls per year of the CFM56-7B engines that currently power Boeing and Airbus jets. The company has reached a number of important accomplishments over the last 5 years: it hired 1100 employees, increased the Research & Development staff by 30%, and created 120 jobs for engineers and PhDs; the exemplification of a market undergoing significant development and technological excellence recognized globally.

GE Aviation celebrates its 100th anniversary in Paris.

100 years ago, General Electric's aviation business was inaugurated, an incredible story that marked the evolution of both commercial and military aeronautical propulsion since the dawn of the past century till nowadays. To celebrate this anniversary, GE Aviation invited 100 employees to share the company’s history at 10 key sites and shows around the world: 100 employees will get to enjoy as guests an experience that inspires a connection with flight. Of course, the Paris Air Show is one of such experiences.

Among the lucky employee, who successfully took on the quiz about the history of Aviation, there will be Andrea Piazza and Stefano Mirone, respectively Principal Engineer - Mechanical Component and Engineer - Aero Dynamics at Avio Aero. "We are very happy to be able to take part in this experience," says Andrea. "Certainly, it will be interesting to observe the Show from a mere layman's viewpoint."

How to experience the Air Show.

 Once again this year, Avio Aero's social channels will allow you to make direct contact with what happens at Le Bourget in the Avio Aero and also GE Aviation orbit. Interviews, videos, stories and much more will be shared live on the official Avio Aero Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. So, everyone who’s passionate or just curious those won’t miss our updates and will be able to share our latest news within social networks. See you online!

Cover and air show images © SIAE 2017 - Anthony Guerra & Alex Marc