Avio Aero awards at 2017 ALM

The annual presentation of results and awards for GE Aviation took place this year in Cincinnati.

Jan 2017

“I can’t remember a year in which we made as much progress in different areas as we did last year: just looking at additives alone, if we compare where we were in January 2016 and where we are now, we can see what an extraordinary year it has been” - David Joyce, Chairman and CEO of GE Aviation, opening the annual Aviation Leadership Meeting.

And it really was a great year: starting from the successful outcome of the first full test of the biggest new generation engine, the GE9X, followed by the production of the 30 thousandth CFM6, an output record for this family of engines, the certification of the LEAP with all deadlines met, the opening of the new digital Collaboration Centers with over 100 customers using Predix, the acquisition of two European companies specializing in additives (Concept Laser and Arcam AB), the launch of TrueChoice for commercial services and finally the certification, commissioning and development of numerous engines for civil and military use.

During the usual awards ceremony for outstanding teams and individuals, Avio Aero won, as it does every year, various awards.

The “Bring them home safely” award for 2016 went to our Security team. Over the past 12 months the team has increased the number of security reports by 230%, collecting and analysing important data in order to intensify customer involvement in high risk areas.

These data have also allowed the team to share best practice with the entire GE business throughout the world, thus contributing significantly to the efforts being made to improve safety by the company as a whole.

Our Security team was recognized for the passion it puts into its work, marking itself out as a model for the whole of Aviation with its spirit of innovation.

The Purpose Award for the “Invent the Future of Flight” category went instead to the ATP (since last March 2018 officially renamed GE Catalyst) IT Implementation team, which has various members from Avio Aero IT.

The team developed a smart process for the realization of the first global digital solution for parts which require authorization from the European Union, allowing them to be dispatched in just 10 months.

The complex ATP programme went through 18,000 compliance tests with zero defects; and 200 engineers from 9 facilities joined forces to design more than 4,000 parts for the programme.

A true reflection of the team’s dedication to “inventing the future” of aviation.

Among the individual awards, Ilaria Romoli, Senior Organization and Talent Development Manager for Avio Aero, won the Empowering and Inspiring Leader category, which awards leaders for their interpretation of GE Beliefs, which makes them a model for colleagues. “Ilaria has shown impressive HR leadership, encouraging personal development and intercultural exchanges. She has supported and coached more than 70 Culture Ambassadors, expanding the programme to factory operators as well. She also launched “Fastworks Every Day” in order to certify and qualify 18 new Avio Aero trainers, the first in Aviation to use the PD tool”, said Ernest Marshall, HR Vice President, speaking about the award.

Finally, Marco Silvano - Senior Business Development Manager for Avio Aero – was recognized for his part in the ATP Funding team, which is made up of professionals from various Aviation divisions and

 works on promoting the engine programme in Europe. The team has achieved to get support from the European Union, national governments and suppliers. It has also created important technical partnerships with local universities.

Congratulations everybody, click on the video to see the Purpose Award Winners!