Learn to fly...high

The new university course dedicated to advanced manufacturing has started in one of the best engineering school worldwide, it will take students into the industries of the future.

May 2018

The third edition of the Master in Additive Manufacturing at the Polytechnic of Turin is ready to start and Avio Aero is once again at the forefront in supporting this training course, unique in Italy. The aim? To train professionals who are experts in both the technical and managerial aspects of additive production, i.e. the process that, through the deposition and synthesizing of powders, allows the creation of objects from computer 3D models. As we know - thanks to our experience with the next generation engines, GE Catalyst and GE9X - additive technology is now used not only for rapid prototyping, but right  on the shop floor for industrial production. In addition to Avio Aero, other companies - Arcam EB (GE Additive), Labormet 2, Mixed, Prima Industrie, Skorpion Engineering support this innovative training path designed in close collaboration with Skillab, the Management Training Center of Unione Industriale and AMMA, in partnership with Regione Piemonte (the regional government of Piedmont).

Additive manufacturing is an enabling technology for the Industria 4.0 national plan, and is being given great prominence in the development of new production lines and products. All the more industrialized countries are investing huge amounts of public and private funding in the race to develop and apply these new technologies, which are also characterized by lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact, a key aspect for the long-term sustainability of manufacturing activities. The industrial and research fabric of our region has been active for years at the highest levels in this field and at the center of the main international circuits that deal with it. The regional production structure has already shown itself to be active and receptive, to the extent that it is present in numerous programs already financed by both the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research relating to specific calls for proposals aimed at developing new products and new generation processes.

“The digital factory means that we need to rewrite the skills required for manufacturing workers. If we want the human-machine interaction to really offer added value to both the players, the educational choice becomes fundamental. The Master's in Additive Manufacturing at Turin Polytechnic fits in perfectly with the actions that the company is implementing to prepare us to face the technological challenges ahead", said Nildo Sestini, Engineering HR Business Partner of Avio Aero.

This is because the Master’s course, taught entirely in English, is aimed precisely at training young and motivated recent graduates in Engineering, as well as preparing a new generation of high-level specialists in the field of Additive Manufacturing processes.

The Polytechnic of Turin will submit an application for funding for the Master’s in response to the call for proposals for the Piedmont Region “High-level Training and Research Apprenticeship, 2016 - 2018", which provides for the testing of new forms of employment, through the recruitment of participants with a Higher-level Apprenticeship contract by the promoting companies, already extensively involved in Additive Manufacturing and the Industria 4.0. national plan.

The Master’s (Higher-level Apprenticeship) in Additive Manufacturing, now in its third edition, is the source of much pride for the Polytechnic of Turin and comes under the training activities of the Interdepartmental Integrated Additive Manufacturing Center (IAM@PoliTo), one of the international leaders in research in the sector, able to "dominate" additive technology from the production of powder through to testing and production of products. This edition has also met with an enthusiastic response from the company partnership that supports the initiative due to the possibility of training a new generation of specialists able to oversee Additive Manufacturing technologies”, concluded Luca Iuliano, the scientific representative for the Master’s.