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The Cardano project
Over the coming months you will be hearing a lot about this project named after Gerolamo Cardano, the famous 16th Italian century mathematician, physician, astrologer and philosopher who is also known for several important inventions such as the gimbal (used for example in compasses) and the cardan joint (still used today in millions of vehicles). We think that the cardan joint is an excellent symbol for the concept of simplification and will inspire the design team to work together in the most efficient and effective way possible.
At Avio Aero the Cardano project will involve gradually harmonizing and integrating a number of important HR processes in the field of management systems and services. All employees will be able to take advantage of the highly professional harmonized services that are offered to all GE businesses globally in accordance with regulations and company policies. This will enable GE to develop a consistent and shared vision across its various business units located in different countries, facilitating cross-business simplification and communication processes and improving their efficiency.
What does this mean in practice?
The project team is aiming to implement HR Operations, Payroll management, Time & Attendance and the Concur travel and lodging (T&L) system.
These processes and systems were successfully harmonized amongst Avio Aero’s executive staff during 2014. This pilot group was useful for the purposes of planning as it enables the same methodology to be replicated across the entire company workforce, and in any case executives are the best ambassadors for promoting change. The harmonization process also began at Avio Polska in January 2015, where it will be gradually implemented starting from HR Operations.
The challenge is to integrate the remaining workforce into the process by 1 January 2016.
Over the next few months you will hear a lot about this new project, which will involve you personally.

Cultural Ambassador at Avio Aero
A team called the Cultural Ambassadors was recently launched as part of Avio Aero’s strategy to continue to build a culture that supports all of our employees.  It is headed by a group of Avio Aero leaders across functions and locations that has been named to the Cultural Ambassadors Steering Committee.  This is a group that is passionate about insuring we are growing and changing in the right ways for our employees!
In view of the many changes that are taking place within our company, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that all employees have a voice in how the company transitions into the future. For this purpose, an interdepartmental team has been set up with members from all Avio Aero branches, prevalently from the Leader Professional Band.
These colleagues are responsible for helping people, and therefore the company, by guiding them in a workplace that is changing as a result of growth within the GE system. They are also tasked with collecting comments and feedback from all employees and passing them on to the leadership team. This will enable employees’ contributions to be integrated into internal communications and business strategies. These figures will therefore facilitate the process of change and make it more effective by providing support to all employees within the company.
The following are a few examples of what the Cultural Ambassadors will do:
•    Act as a role model and demonstrate the conduct that best represents our cultural aspirations
•    Promote a workplace geared to excellence and the maximization of individual and collective capabilities
•    Influence key stakeholders (all figures inside and outside the company who are involved in the life of the company) and help them pursue our corporate culture
Applications for the role of Cultural Ambassador have been submitted and to date, over 60 people have been selected. At the same time, monthly meetings have been organized to share opinions, ideas for improvement and feedback. The Cultural Ambassadors will carry on this work throughout the upcoming year and will pass on the comments and ideas to all the leaders. They will also receive training with the aim of improving business operations.
These cultural efforts will focus on creating an identity that reflects the people at Avio Aero, complementing, but not replacing the work on Simplification and Compliance.                   
Cultural Ambassadors Steering Committee è composto da: Nino Atzei, Roberto Bertaina, Massimo Casale, Suzana Chakrokh, Rosario Esposito, Paolo Farina, Giovanni Ferrara, Gioacchino Ficano, Alfredo Marin, Alejandro Mayoral, Giulio Ranzo, Sergio Salvano, Fabio Schinelli.

Everything (or almost) you need to know about… Job Posting
The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions that will help you clear up any doubts you may have about this important career development tool.

What is job posting?
Job Posting is the system used at GE to advertise professional opportunities within the company. Referred to as COS (Career Opportunity System), it enables the business to receive applications and employees to apply for positions available in each GE sector up to Executive Band, in Italy and abroad. The system is accessible and visible on the GE intranet and is open to all candidates with a profile that meets the requirements stated in the description.

How does it work?                 
All postings remain visible for at least 7 days. At the end of the first 7 days, positions may or may not remain visible depending on the needs of the organization and the results of the selection procedure, without time limits.
The job postings provide the following information: business area, role description, position title, place of work, and professional band. If any of the basic requirements should change, the company will republish the posting for at least another 7 days.
The selection process is managed by a GE Corporate Recruiter together with the Business Manager and the HR Manager for the relevant position.

What are the application guidelines?                 
Before applying, you must inform your HR manager and your direct superior.
Additionally, we would ask you to apply for another role within your business unit only if you have been in your current position for at least 24 months, and to wait for at least 36 months before applying to another GE business unit. A longer time period may be necessary in the event of specific business-related factors or for certain technical roles (in this case assessments will be made on a case-by-case basis).
Are all positions managed through Job Posting?
Most positions are managed through Job Posting. There are a few exceptions that need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the HR team and the Recruiting team in the case of reassignments to the same team, rotations within Leadership Programs, and promotions. Internship and blue-collar positions are not necessarily handled through job posting.

If I don’t find any postings of interest to me on the COS, how can I find another solution?
If no position you are interested in is currently being advertised, you can use one of the following functions:
- Search agent: On the COS site you can activate a search agent by inserting your requirements. You will then be sent an email each time a position meeting the criteria you have entered are met.
- Internal talent pool (ITP): You can voluntarily submit your Internal Resume and make it available to all GE Recruiters searching the database. If a Recruiter decides to consider you for a position, you will be notified by the system.

In some postings I have seen the following message appear: “Strong Candidate Identified. All qualified candidates are encouraged to post”. What does this mean?
In some cases the organization may have in mind a person who possesses the necessary qualifications so for reasons of transparency this is indicated by the phrase “Strong Candidate identified”. At the same time however GE reserves the right to make a decision only after viewing all the submitted applications, so the second part of the sentence: “...all qualified candidates are encouraged to post” encourages all suitable candidates to respond.

If I enter the selection process, should I expect my performance in recent years to be shared with the people who manage the role I have applied for?
Yes, it’s normal practice for the HRM and Recruiters to ask the candidate’s current HR manager or the candidate himself for the EMS or PD of the last few years.

Once I have applied for a position, should I always expect to be called for an interview?
Not all candidates who respond to a posting are called to an interview. Only candidates who meet the requirements listed in the job description are interviewed.

Will I always receive feedback?
Candidates who have responded to a posting will always receive feedback. This feedback may be sent either by the system when the posting closes or through direct contact (email or telephone) with the people involved in the process (Recruiter, HRM, Manager of the position sought). You can check the status of your application at any time by logging in with your credentials.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the GE careers website where helpful tips and advice for achieving professional growth are provided.