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Bielsko Biała, a blend of youth and excellence

Bielsko Biała, one of the most advanced industrial cities in southern Poland, situated just over 100km from Krakow, is the home of one of Avio Aero's most important sites, employing over 500 people. The core business of this site is the design and development of components and modules for aircraft engines, such as stator and rotor blades for low-pressure turbines for civil and military engines (the best known of which are the GE90, the GEnx 1 and 2b, the CFM56, the T700, the PW308 and the LEAP). The GE Aviation Production System – an operational manufacturing model that's common to the entire Aviation Supply Chain in every plant worldwide – has already been implemented in Poland. Using an in-factory visual management system, the GEAPS is designed to increase the presence and involvement of leaders, monitor the status of production processes on a daily basis, highlight the causes of potential problems and identify solutions to them. The system is based on GE's lean manufacturing and simplification philosophy. Aimed at achieving excellence, it is one of the spearhead systems of our Polish site. Roberto Bertaina, Plant Leader, told us more about it in the interview below. And if you want further insights into the system, check out our special video.

Roberto, what is your role and your team's mission for Avio Aero? Il mio ruolo attuale è quello di Plant Leader Avio Polska, la missione mia e del mio Team  è quella di mantenere e incrementare il vantaggio competitivo dello stabilimento polacco: performance eccellenti a costi assolutamente competitivi.

What impression did you get when you first visited the Bielsko plant and met the people who work there? My first impression was that everyone is highly professional, dedicated to their work and respectful of the rules. The five years I have spent here since have simply confirmed that first impression. I am glad to be a member of this team and to still have plenty of scope for professional development and developing the company.

What do you think are the strengths of the Bielsko plant?  The strengths of the Bielsko plant are a profound sense of duty and respect for the rules, combined with the dynamism, flexibility and receptiveness to change that are the hallmark of this young, motivated team. We are focusing closely on the GE Aviation Production System, which enables us to align our methodology with the entire Aviation Supply Chain and establishes an excellent method for tackling the working day with a sense of unity and full involvement. 

And what are the main areas for improvement? 30% of the current management of Avio Polska were newly appointed on 1 January this year (including me!), so it's a young team with all the advantages and disadvantages that go with that. The average age of management here is 35. In the months to come, the team will have to build the confidence and autonomy to drive up the achievement of this plant even higher, to help it fulfil its role as a centre of excellence not just within Avio Aero but in relation to GE Aviation too. 

Is there anything in particular you would like to say to our colleagues, especially the ones working at your site? What I would like to say is this: take pride in your work; your contribution has helped make the Bielsko plant the flagship of the Avio Aero fleet. Keep going with the same passion and dedication, don't live of past successes, and aim for the highest and best at all times. And remember: there's no success without Quality, Compliance and Cooperation.