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Editorial by Bridget McGraw

Dear colleagues,
I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you through About regarding our compliance culture at Avio Aero. This article is timely since March is Open Reporting Month at GE Aviation, and Avio Aero has actively embraced the culture of Open Reporting, making our business stronger.  Our customers and investors understand the GE culture of Compliance – our focus and commitment to Compliance is a competitive advantage for Avio Aero.
I am incredibly proud of the Avio Aero Compliance program that we have built together. Since its inception, Avio Aero employees have raised over 445 concerns! This is an impressive number! 325 of those have been have been investigated and 120 were integrity questions that we were able to answer very quickly.  Integrity questions are a very important part of the open reporting process as these are issues for employees but can easily answered and do not need to go through the process of being analyzed; for instance, where to find the business courtesies workflow or whether specific information can be sent to a customer.
These cases and questions have allowed us to better understand and mitigate some of our key risks – in particular Quality, Supplier Relationships, Improper Payments Prevention and EHS.  In 2014, Avio Aero was about 25% of Aviation’s total concerns – which means that we have had lots of opportunities to address issues and answer our employees’ questions.  
There can be the perception that Compliance is focused on discipline – this isn’t true.  Compliance is focused on prevention – that is, finding issues before they become big problems.  Discipline is a rare result and only in extraordinary circumstances.  In fact, in over 95% of the integrity concerns that we have investigated, we have implemented proactive corrective actions, meaning some improvement or process change to prevent that same issue from occurring in the future. We have implemented 450 process improvement corrective actions as a result of the issues you raised.
As we continue our Compliance journey, it is critical that Avio Aero employees continue raising their hands and letting us know when there is something we need to do better or differently.  Open Reporting is the cornerstone of our Compliance program – we know that no company is perfect and having a system that allows employees to let us know when something isn’t right ensures that we can continue to prevent big problems from occurring. <br>  
Together, we are building a safer, stronger company for our customers, our families and the flying public.  Thanks for all you do to foster the culture of Compliance at Avio Aero.