Community & Culture


One of the great things I find living here in Italy is the food.  On every corner, there is a restaurant with a great menu and a nice atmosphere. This time of year especially, I personally like sitting outside where I get to take in the atmosphere of Turin and enjoy the mild weather.
But what intrigues me is the variation I see between restaurants on the number of patrons they attract. On the same street, with the same outdoor seating overlooking the same piazza, and relatively the same food, there is a massive difference between how full is each restaurant. I can only put the success (or failure) down to the belief that the customers determine their success.
Where I find a waitress who enjoys talking and laughing with the patrons, the place is packed.  Where the cook takes pride in his food and pays special attention so that it is nicely presented to the patrons, the place is packed!  In contrast, the place where the waitress makes you feel like she is doing you a favor to deliver cold food THAT YOU WILL EVENTUALLY PAY FOR, you do not go back!
Avio Aero is no different. It is not the Sales team alone who is responsible for the customer. Yes we booked the order. But it is OUR product, it is OUR delivery, it is OUR service that determines if the customer comes back.  We should all have immense pride in our history and what has been accomplished to date. GE paid over $4B for this company, and that is because the value each of you bring.
But I need your help to grow it further - so not only do we have a good place to work, but maybe our sons and daughters can also find work here in the future.  Please help me make the customers experience a great one.  Everything you do, especially the small things, will make a difference.  Help me spread the message that a happy customer is everyone’s job at OUR “restaurant”!