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Engineering Leadership Meeting: Avio Aero honored

ELM, the annual conference of GE Aviation’s Engineering division, was held in Mason, Ohio on 13 January in the presence of 400 members of Engineering areas worldwide, which naturally included Avio Aero. At the event, our colleague Franco Tortarolo - NTI Project Manager was presented with an award for 4 research programs submitted to the EU as part of Clean Sky 2 (the European program for environmentally-friendly engines of the future). The 4 projects concern: a rapid turbine for in-flight testing of the Open Rotor engine with Snecma, a power transmission for a high by-pass ratio engine with integral drive train, also with Snecma, a power transmission for a compound helicopter with Airbus Helicopters, and the development of a new 1000 HP (HMax) Turboprop for General Aviation with Piaggio Aero.
“This was the first time I had taken part in such an event held at the GE Aviation headquarters in Ohio,” Franco told us. “Thanks to our experience in European research programs, Avio Aero acted as the team leader for the various European GE companies. The value of the 4 projects totaled more than 57 million euros, 60% of which was funded by the EU. I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard and with such team spirit.”
Franco was presented with the award by Mohammad Ehteshami, Engineering Vice President & General Manager, and was highly impressed by the event and the team spirit of everyone taking part. “I felt a great sense of community. ‘World’s best engineering team’ was the mantra, and the power of engineering was perceived with great clarity in terms of both results and future challenges. At Aviation we have a well-organized and highly-trained team with great resources at its disposal. As for Avio Aero, I can say that we are just as good from a technical standpoint, achieving levels of excellence in certain products. We can also boast great flexibility and the capacity to find new solutions.