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Avio Aero Global Leadership Meeting

Colonel Cracas was the special guest at Avio Aero’s leadership meeting held on Friday 23 January to take stock of the fourth quarter of 2014 (the interview he gave for the occasion is published on this number of the magazine, click here).
Opening the proceedings, Avio Aero’s CEO Riccardo Procacci summed up the highlights of GE’s latest Global Leadership Meeting held in Boca Raton, Florida and thanked his colleagues for the award he received during the group’s annual meeting: the Chairman’s Leadership Award, presented directly by Jeff Immelt. “More than 60% of our revenues are generated outside the United States,” declared GE’s president and CEO during the award presentation. “This is a big success because it makes our talent global. I would like to thank Riccardo Procacci and his fantastic team at Avio Aero for their help in achieving this.”
During the Avio Aero meeting, Procacci summed up the key messages that emerged from the GLM in Boca Raton: pursuing the values underpinning GE Beliefs, focusing on performance, culture and collaboration, diversifying our customer portfolio by expanding industrial infrastructure, and moving increasingly towards the Industrial Internet (integration of technologies, data and infrastructure in a digital environment). All of this while maintaining flexibility and agility both inside and outside our organization, with a clear and constant focus on Simplification.
Next, Matteo Tarditi presented an economic and financial analysis and Mara Palcisco gave a talk on quality. This is a period of major change for our Supply Chain, which calls for flexibility and a strong focus on quality so as to meet the needs and requests of customers.
Last but not least, we would like to congratulate our colleagues who were honored for their achievements in pursuing GE Beliefs: Paolo Pellegrino and Margherita Bertinotti (Customers Determine our Success), Mario Balestrieri (Stay lean to go fast), Fausto Carta (Learn and adapt to win), Giovanni Arbia, Federico Buono and Damiano Mazzotta (Empower and inspire each other), Marek Wanke and Michele Barbato (Deliver results in an uncertain world).