Avio Aero People

April GLM provides platform for latest presentation of Avio Aero's results

Growing our business by adopting a customer-centric approach and focusing on quality, excellence, effectiveness, punctuality and safety, both for existing programmes and new orders: these are our Company's strategic and operational goals for 2015, as illustrated by Riccardo Procacci at the latest GLM on 22 April.
We grow our business by seeking out solid opportunities on markets offering scope for development, such as the helicopter and service markets, to which the Brindisi and Pomigliano plants (handling LM engine work and Component Repair and Overhaul respectively) make a vital contribution.
We are also laying the foundations for major growth for the helicopter sector, through relations with prestigious customers such as Airbus, Sikorsky and Boeing.
Our strategy naturally also involves military business and participation in Europe's futuristic research programmes. All these goals are achieved by one essential asset: our people. Development, training and enhanced teamwork, all of which are increasingly geared towards simplification and customer care, are Avio Aero's organisational goals for 2015. Barbara Preti covered this subject in detail in her presentation of the results of the latest Cultural Survey, which was completed by almost 70% of the employees concerned. Compared with past surveys and other areas of GE, these results point to a generally positive climate, despite high work volumes, and to an equally positive view of the work environment.
Mara Palcisco and Tom Hammoor then reiterated the importance of customer satisfaction and the reduction of costs, inventory and waste. Quality plays an increasingly important role in the culture of Avio Aero personnel; so too does the application of work methods and processes designed to unblock bottlenecks, and a constructive approach to improving performance.