Market & Product

The supersonic flight goes on

The EJ200 program achieves a distinguished milestone with a special delivery for the Italian Air Force.  

Research & Education

Natural Born Gearboxes

Inside one of Tuscany’s most amazing natural park, a partnered lab with University of Pisa sets the foundations for ecofriendly power gearboxes. 

Technology & Digital Innovation

Tag and Follow

This isn’t another social network for industry, but rather a new tool on Avio Aero’s path towards digitalization.

Market & Product

Behemoths of the sea

In the places where the most imposing military vessels are built, including the first PPA, equipped with the most powerful of gas turbines.

Community & Culture

Unmanned aid for humans

How the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft disclose their 'humanitarian' potential in the wildest and most remote places on earth.

Technology & Digital Innovation

The sky in a room

Unique test environments where the main ATP engine modules, including their 3D printed parts, are tested in flight before the whole engine test.

Avio Aero People

A little Iliad set in Piedmont

Fabio Turrini’s passion for writing and mountains led him to write the adventure of a “team” of young people, featuring climbing, love and cultural clashes.

Technology & Digital Innovation

The giant of the forest

In Polonia Aero's enormous testing laboratory, testing began on the turbine for the world’s largest commercial jet engine. 

Research & Education

Among Europe's stars

Engineering team from Avio Aero awarded for their sharp contributions to Europe’s ecofriendly future engines.

Research & Education

This is hot!

A new lab dedicated to Combustion & Heat Transfer is born, thanks to the partnership between Avio Aero and the University of Florence.  

Market & Product

Made in Venice

Have a look inside the Leonardo Elicotteri plant, discovering one of the most long-running and high-tech collaborations for Avio Aero.